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Ghostwriters are key assets in top entrepreneurs’ toolkits

Top entrepreneurs aren’t giving up the ghost when it comes to writing—they’re hiring them!

It’s no secret that creating valuable, engaging content is a quick and lucrative path to building brand awareness and growing a business. Blogging, posting on social media, creating longer-form content, and writing for industry publications are all powerful tools for business growth. But many entrepreneurs come to learn that writing is not without its list of inherent challenges. Writing is a task that requires consistent effort. Writing can be a grind. Writer’s block is real. And the majority of entrepreneurs simply don’t have time or mental space to create quality content consistently. The truth is that successful people are excellent at what they do best, and “what they do best” doesn’t necessarily include writing original content on a regular basis.

That’s why many budding entrepreneurs—not to mention many of the world’s most prominent thought leaders—are building their success using ghostwriters. 

Three benefits of working with a ghostwriter

1.   Efficiency and productivity

Even the most successful entrepreneurs have only 24 hours in a day, which is why maximizing efficiency and productivity in every aspect of their lives is always of foremost concern. Their goal is a simple one: to produce more quality output in less time. When it comes to a content marketing strategy, a ghostwriter does precisely that. Using a ghostwriter essentially allows you to do two major tasks at once: manage and grow your business while generating a steady stream of content.

2.   Brand awareness and business growth

Staying top-of-mind to your target audience and within your industry means that more people recognize your name and your brand’s name. By delivering a continuous and consistent flow of content across various publications and channels (blogs, social media, industry publications, etc.), you’ll have the opportunity to generate increased brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty. In particular, regular blogging is critical to your website receiving organic search traffic. A ghost blogger who is well-versed in SEO will help you drive traffic and generate leads.

3.   Thought partnership

While writing often feels like a solo act, professional writers know that collaboration offers myriad benefits. A trusted thought partner who can challenge your assertions and point out weaknesses in your writing is invaluable. The best ghostwriters are skilled at taking your thoughts about your area of expertise and converting them into clean copy that’s easily understood by your target audience. One way they acquire your content is by asking you lots of questions that will help you see your ideas in a new light.

Should you be using a ghostwriter or ghost blogger?

A ghostwriter (or ghost blogger) is for you if:

  • You have knowledge and expertise to share
  • You want to generate a lot of content or write a book to draw attention or gain loyalty and trust
  • You don’t have the time and energy to devote to generating a professional result

Remember, hiring a ghostwriter doesn’t mean that you’re somehow deficient. On the contrary, knowing how and what to delegate is an important leadership skill.

If you feel you could benefit from the services of a ghostwriter, read on to learn more.

How does ghostwriting work?

The concept of ghostwriting is simple: You hire a ghostwriter to turn your ideas and knowledge into written content pieces. The ghostwriter does all the writing, but your name is used as the author. It’s up to you whether you choose to publicly acknowledge the ghostwriter’s role or keep it confidential. Occasionally a celebrity or public figure will make headlines for alleging that they wrote a book without help; in the business world, a ghostwriter’s role often goes unnoticed. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s clearly spelled out in your contract before a single word is written.

What’s the difference between an editor and a ghostwriter?

An editor will take your rough draft and improve on it, while a ghostwriter will take your rough ideas and turn them into a coherent piece. A ghostwriter uses your unique voice to create consistent content while you focus on running your business. Some writers may do both editing and ghostwriting.

What kind of content can ghostwriters create?

Different ghostwriters may have different specializations, but there’s someone out there to help with any form of writing—from long-form written content in leading business publications to business-focused LinkedIn articles, newsletters, blogs, emails, and even books. Some ghostwriters prefer to stick within a specific niche as subject matter experts; others write for a range of industries and media.

Find your writing wizard

You need to find a great ghostwriter who is able to pick up on your tone and voice to present your ideas authentically and help you express yourself effectively.

10 things to look for in a ghostwriter:

  1. Connects well with you (look for chemistry!)
  2. Leads you with strong, clear communication
  3. Understands your brand’s larger vision and long-term goals
  4. Helps you think strategically about your content strategy
  5. Can match your tone and style
  6. Asks a lot of questions
  7. Contributes ideas
  8. Delivers work on time
  9. Has a proven track record that is relevant to your needs
  10. Uses a professional contract with well-defined deliverables

When you’ve found someone to work with, it’s advisable to start with a trial period before committing to a regular writing relationship. Engaging with your ghostwriter regularly means that they’ll become even more invested in your style and the goals you wish to achieve, creating content that you can feel proud of. Generally, the beginning of a relationship with a ghostwriter requires a more significant investment of time on your part. Over time, as a successful writing relationship grows, you’ll find yourself investing less time for stronger output.

Top tips for ghostwriting success

  • Make sure that you have a written contract in place
  • Agree on how you’ll be sharing information with your writer—will it be through interviews, voice notes, content on shared folders, or other media?
  • Define the deliverables: the what, how and when
  • Remember, even though the ghostwriter is doing the majority of the writing work, you still need to be an active participant by sharing information, providing feedback, and communicating clearly. Ensure all writing accurately represents your voice and content. Your name will be on it!
  • Set a regular schedule for meetings with your ghostwriter

How to find a ghostwriter or ghost blogger

With the help of a ghostwriter who gets you and understands what you want to achieve, the writing process can build your business and challenge you to become an even stronger thought leader in your field. A good ghostwriter’s work will amplify your content production and spread your concepts and ideas far and wide.

Our team has extensive experience ghostwriting content for everything from brief social posts and emails to longer-form blogs, articles, and book manuscripts. Get in touch to learn how we can help you put pen to paper, pronto!  

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