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4 things you need to know about the new LinkedIn algorithm changes

While we always advocate authenticity over being a slave to an algorithm, it is important to stay up-to-date with platform changes so that you can make the most of your social media efforts. LinkedIn, the professional networking powerhouse with revenues exceeding $15 billion annually (and growing!), is undergoing a significant shift in its algorithm. In essence, the changes aim to prioritize knowledge and advice over virality. What will LinkedIn algorithm changes mean for content creators, small business owners, and general users?

Here’s how the recent LinkedIn algorithm changes may impact your LinkedIn experience:

1. A shift towards knowledge and advice

According to Tim Jurka, senior director of engineering at LinkedIn, the platform aims to become the hub for professional knowledge. In an Entrepreneur article, he said: “Right now, content lives and dies on the newsfeed very quickly. We’re trying to collect the sum total of professional knowledge on our platform, and make sure it surfaces whenever you need it.” If this algorithm change comes to pass, it sounds like a huge boon for all of us who’ve created a lot of LinkedIn content—hopefully, older content grows new legs and will be served up to those who need it most over time.

2. Live long and prosper on LinkedIn

As mentioned above, the renewed focus on professional knowledge underscores LinkedIn’s commitment to surfacing valuable content whenever users need it, rather than letting it fade into obscurity on a rapidly changing newsfeed.

But I have to quibble with Tim’s assertion that content lives and dies on the newsfeed very quickly. It may be the intended design, but it’s not what we’ve seen relative to other social media platforms. LinkedIn is the only social platform on which I’ve witnessed old posts continue to get impressions, likes, and comments—sometimes months after the post date.

Nevertheless, if valuable LinkedIn content is becoming more evergreen, I’m here for that! One of the most significant developments in the LinkedIn algorithm changes is the introduction of “suggested posts,” a feature that aims to extend the lifespan of your best content by showcasing it to targeted users for months or even years. Unlike traditional social media feeds that prioritize timeliness, LinkedIn’s suggested posts seek to match content with users’ interests, ensuring that valuable insights reach the right audience at the right time.

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3. Don’t chase trends and hacks

LinkedIn is full of gurus offering optimization tactics to hack the platform’s algorithm and try to maximize reach and engagement on LinkedIn. Much to my delight, LinkedIn is on record discouraging people from trying to game the algorithm. LinkedIn editor-in-chief Dan Roth cautions against blindly following these strategies, emphasizing the platform’s ever-evolving algorithms and the pitfalls of chasing trends. His advice is simple: “If you can just share knowledge into the world, I guarantee you things are going to work out. They won’t always work out for every single post, but over the length of your posting, it is going to work out for you.”

Roth advises content creators to focus on sharing knowledge authentically rather than chasing algorithmic changes. While not every post may get millions of likes, consistently delivering valuable insights will yield long-term benefits and establish credibility within your professional network. As LinkedIn moves towards prioritizing knowledge and advice, your focus should remain on delivering valuable insights authentically—rather than chasing trends—to establish yourself as a thought leader in your respective field.

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4. New tools to know about

In addition to algorithm changes, LinkedIn is rolling out a series of new tools designed to enhance user growth and engagement:

  • Premium members can now create a custom button, which is a small hyperlink that appears in their profile and above all their posts (such as “Visit my website” or “Book an appointment”).
  • You can now verify your identity on LinkedIn and get a small badge on your profile.
  • Organizations with a company page can now spend money to boost someone else’s post.
  • LinkedIn plans to expand its newsletter product and compete directly with other platforms in the space.
  • LinkedIn will open creator mode tools (such as LinkedIn Live, audio events, and deeper post analytics) up to everyone, regardless of whether they have turned on creator mode.

Is your LinkedIn content strategy lacking?

If you’re going to invest in creating social media content AND your target audience spends time on LinkedIn, it’s a good place to be. Your own blog is still primary for long-term content development, but LinkedIn is my number two.

If you find yourself avoiding LinkedIn due to frustration or uncertainty, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities by neglecting your LinkedIn presence.

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Is your LinkedIn presence lacking?

Do you find yourself avoiding LinkedIn due to frustration or uncertainty?
You could be missing out on valuable opportunities.
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