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Marketing Mentorship

DIY marketing with an expert by your side


You want to grow your business, but your marketing efforts aren’t working. Maybe you don’t even know where to start.

  • You don’t know how best to spend your precious resources—your money and your time.
  • People can’t find your business on Google.
  • Social media is loud and confusing. Does anyone ever see your posts?
  • You’re getting leads, but they aren’t converting into customers.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Hiring a marketing agency may be out of reach for you right now, but you can still take advantage of our expertise to learn how to DIY your marketing in a way that makes sense for your business.

What do you get out of marketing mentorship?

Marketing Mentorship covers topics like:

Setting a vision for your business

Understanding and communicating why people should choose you

Navigating social media and the rest of the internet

Measuring results, assessing outcomes, and using data to get better

Understanding your target customer

Managing your online presence and digital marketing tech stack

Creating a content plan

Squeezing maximum results out of your resources (time and budget)

Which one sounds like you?

I want to work on a specific problem, project, or area of my business.

Check out the Flexible Package, where you set the agenda for our time together.

What can I expect from Marketing Mentorship?

  • One-on-one coaching and mentorship from the team behind Brighter Messaging
  • Advice that’s specific to your business and goals
  • Weekly calls with homework in between
  • Detailed feedback on your deliverables
  • Ability to ask questions via Slack and email

Marketing Mentorship is not…

  • Your outsourced marketing team (click here if you’re looking for that!)
  • Training you to become a marketing consultant—we’re helping you DIY the marketing for your current business only.

What are the qualifications for Marketing Mentorship?

We work with small business owners and solopreneurs who want to DIY their marketing with some professional guidance.

How Marketing Mentorship works

Is Marketing Mentorship right for your business?

In a 30-minute introductory call, we’ll get acquainted and determine whether we can work well together.

1. You commit to the program.

We provide an agreement and payment plan. Get excited—this is happening!

2. Kickoff meeting

On our first call, we’ll take a deep dive into your business and create the custom roadmap for our time together.

3. Weekly work together

We’ll have a 60-minute call each week. In between, you’ll have homework assignments and the ability to ask questions via email. We’ll provide feedback on all of your deliverables.

4. You have a plan to move your business forward.

Keep in touch! We’re invested in your success and cheering you on.

Ready to make marketing work for your business?

Schedule your free 30-minute introductory call with Sara Jensen, founder of Brighter Messaging, during which we will:

  • Determine whether you’re a good fit for Marketing Mentorship
  • Help you decide whether Marketing Mentorship is right for your business
  • Pick the best package for your goals
  • Answer your questions about the program and commitment
Sara Jensen

Success Stories

Compare Mentorship Packages​


I need a strategy.
$ 975 Or paid monthly: $499/month x 2 months
  • Great for: Business owners who need a strategy for marketing.
  • Outcomes: An understanding of your business value, who you serve, and a carefully crafted plan to launch, improve, or change your marketing.
  • Number of sessions: Kickoff meeting + 6 coaching sessions


I need help implementing a strategy.
$ 1,125 Or paid monthly: $399/month x 3 months
  • Great for: Business owners or marketing managers who need help implementing a strategy.
  • Outcomes: Review of current online presence and digital marketing tech stack; content plan; data points so you can track progress and improve.
  • Number of sessions: Kickoff meeting, 6 coaching sessions, 2 post-implementation check-ins


I need all the marketing help I can get.
$ 1,725 Or paid monthly: $449/month x 4 months
  • Great for: Business owners who want to DIY all of their marketing with professional mentorship.
  • Outcomes: Everything in the Visionary and Tactical packages.
  • Number of sessions: Kickoff meeting, 10 coaching sessions, 2 post-implementation check-ins


You’ll be mentored primarily by Sara Jensen, founder and owner of Brighter Messaging. She specializes in helping small, service-based businesses understand their marketing and create common-sense solutions.

In addition to marketing, Sara’s core skill set is writing. She built her career in strategic sales and marketing in the corporate learning and development industry before launching Brighter Messaging in 2012. She’s particularly passionate about collaborating with other women who are harmonizing motherhood with a creative career.


Other members of the Brighter Messaging team will also be involved in key subject areas, including SEO strategy, social media management, and brand design.

The entire program is delivered virtually. Our calls will take place via Google Meet or Zoom, we share files via email and Dropbox, manage tasks and deadlines via Asana, and chat via Slack. If you are local to Holly Springs, NC, there may be an option to meet with Sara in person, upon request.

First, we aren’t going to take you on as a mentee if we don’t think we can help you.

Second, Brighter Messaging has a long-running track record of helping businesses manage their online presence and achieve their business goals using a system that turns their websites into lead generators. Now, we’re taking that knowledge and opening up our brains to help you do what we do, for your own business. 


The cost is determined by which package you choose. Packages range from $300 to $1,725. You can pay upfront to save a little cash, or you can choose a monthly payment plan. Payments are accepted online via bank draft or credit card. Monthly payments will be auto-debited on the first of the month.

Check out the Flexible package.

You set the agenda for two calls per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months. We’re an open book!

Each call will have a specific agenda; we’ll help you identify action steps and check in on your progress in the next call. 

Yes! We serve as an outsourced marketing team to small, service-based businesses. Click here to learn more.

Just want to keep in touch at this point?

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Are you looking for some SEO quick wins?

Our free eBook “5 things your small business can do right now to improve SEO” contains five SEO tactics you can apply without significant expertise or web developer intervention.

Business Basics Email Template Pack

We’ve created a set of common business email templates to save you time, deliberation and stress. Simply copy/paste into the body of your email.
  • Make a good impression
  • Get your message across clearly
  • Set the tone for constructive communication
  • Achieve your desired outcome
Digital Marketing Strategy Questions

Digital marketing efforts not yielding the results you want? 

Use our Digital Marketing Strategy Questions to help you develop a strategic plan to reach and engage your audience online.