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Digital Marketing Strategy Services for Small Businesses

You know your desired client. Together we will get that information out of your head and into your online presence.

In our digital marketing strategy sessions for small businesses, we work together to clarify your target audience and develop a plan for reaching the audience with your online presence. By thinking through your audience’s unique needs and pain points, we can position your services in a way that speaks to the customers you wish to target.

Are you struggling with digital marketing overwhelm?

The online world can be overwhelming. 

Which digital platforms should you be using? 

Who should you be paying for what? 

Where are your marketing dollars going?

Creating a digital marketing strategy for your small business helps you create, streamline, and optimize your online marketing efforts to support your business growth. 

Start with strategy, and the rest will follow.

Get smart with your marketing dollars by understanding who you’re targeting and how to reach the right people.

Our digital marketing strategy deliverable includes:

  • Unique value proposition and positioning statement for your business
  • Online buyer journey, including opportunities to build your list and nurture leads into buyers
  • Platforms that will enable you to reach your target audience
  • Opportunities to continue to add value once leads become customers
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to help build a long-term, consistent stream of organic traffic
  • Leading indicators and measures of success, ensuring you can track performance and make adjustments over time
  • Recommended upgrades to your digital marketing tech stack

Online marketing strategy support services

Once we’ve created a digital marketing strategy for your business, Brighter Messaging is here to help you execute, analyze, and grow over time.

Why choose Brighter Messaging as your small business digital marketing agency?

Specialists in small business digital marketing

Proven track record of results

Tap into your data to inform your future direction

Range of digital marketing support services

Partner with you as your fractional CMO

An experienced marketing department at your fingertips

Ready to develop a digital marketing strategy that builds your business?

Brighter Messaging is a digital marketing strategy company that specializes in supporting small, service-based businesses in their digital marketing efforts.

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A digital marketing strategy for a small business is a plan that helps establish, manage, and grow your online presence through internet-based channels, such as organic search, social media, paid advertising, and your website.

Every small business’s goals, target audience, and offerings are unique, which is why no marketing strategy will be the same. An effective marketing strategy should include your company’s digital marketing objectives, value proposition, target customer demographics, online buyer journeys, channels and strategies to reach people online, success metrics, marketing tech stack, and a digital marketing plan.

Creating a marketing strategy starts by having a clear understanding of your target audience. Based on the needs, wants, and pain points of your target audience, you’ll need to create some unifying themes that will be the platform for all messaging and internal decisions—your unique value proposition and positioning statement. No matter the size of your business, you can only create an effective digital marketing strategy once you have clearly defined what you do, who you do it for (your buyer personas), and how you do it differently from your competitors (unique selling points). From there, you can start to identify online buyer journeys and the digital marketing channels that will enable you to reach your target audience.