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The Marketing Mixologist: Welcome to Brighter Messaging’s open bar!

Welcome to Brighter Messaging’s open bar! The drinks are flowing, and there’s no need to stick to beer or wine if that’s not your thing. If you’re hankering for a fancy cocktail, we’re ready to shake things up! The bartender is here to make sure you have a good time, and if that means mixing up something special just for you, she’s happy to make it happen.

Why are we waxing lyrical about liquor, you may wonder? Well, the open bar is an analogy for how we approach our custom marketing packages—you pay a flat fee, but what you get will depend on your business’s unique needs, current position, and goals, all of which may change over time depending on the results you’re getting, along with any new priorities and needs. It’s like we have a whole bar of bottles ready to create a marketing strategy tailored to the needs of your business. We’ve busted out of a rinse-and-repeat model to ensure we can work on projects that are driving the results you want—without endless changes in scope and unpredictable charges.

What’s available from Brighter Messaging?

Our top priority is to help small businesses codify and pursue their business goals. When you partner with us, we create a custom marketing package to ensure that we’re all on the same page about what you want to accomplish. From there, we get into tactics, always going back to your vision for your business when we need to make decisions about various activities.

Brighter Messaging is a full-service digital marketing team with talent and expertise in:

Our four core packages are designed to meet the needs of clients with varying goals for business growth:

  1. Basic: for clients who want to get started with content marketing and SEO on an existing website.
  2. Standard: for clients who wish to have us manage their website, social media, and SEO.
  3. Premium: for clients who are actively building a sustainable digital marketing pipeline by driving organic traffic to generate leads.
  4. Unlimited: for clients who are in growth mode, intended to simulate the presence of a dedicated, in-house digital marketing team and fractional CMO at a fraction of the cost.

Each package comes with a set of deliverables, but the actual services you receive will depend on your needs. Think of it like a cocktail menu. You might see a martini on the menu, but you can always ask the bartender to make it with a different kind of liquor or a twist of lemon instead of olives. In the same way, we know that marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and what works for one client may not be the best solution for all clients. Your preferences and requirements can also change over time, which is why our marketing packages aren’t set in stone, and we’re happy to mix up something special in the form of a custom marketing package.

Another package we’ve recently added to our marketing mix is the Digital Marketing Starter Package, which is great for start-ups, new businesses, solo-preneurs, coaches, consultants, and self-employed individuals. We created this package out of our desire to solve two pressing problems that our clients commonly experience:

  1. Launching a beautiful, modern, and professional online presence is a significant up-front investment. Many businesses are strapped for cash at the outset, so they go with a cheap and fast option. More often than not, that decision comes back to haunt them when the business begins to grow.
  2. Most website developers get the site to launch, but they offer little in the way of post-launch support. The website goes live and then…crickets. Years later, when the website needs an update and nobody can find you on Google, it’s often too far gone to save.

We wanted to find a way to support businesses with an affordable payment plan that would still allow them to have the online presence (website, social media, etc.) AND the marketing support they deserve.

The Digital Marketing Starter Package menu includes:

  • A beautiful, modern, and professional website
  • Working with a full-service digital marketing team
  • A roadmap and strategy for marketing success
  • Discounted rates for add-on services
  • Pricing that’s locked in for life
  • Reduced up-front costs

The Brighter bar is open!

One flat fee, with plenty of different cocktails to choose from, just like our custom marketing packages give you a menu of marketing activities suited to your needs and priorities. Ready to mix up something amazing? Get in touch to schedule a free consultation and build a custom marketing package for your small business.

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