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From Messy to Professional: Website team photo tips for geographically dispersed companies

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What’s wrong with these website team photos?

Website team photos can convey credibility, professionalism, and unity…or not. Get them wrong, and your users quickly lose sight of all of that. On the team page shown above, the photos are all over the place. They look like a bunch of random strangers mashed together. Some are clearly cropped from a group photo. At least one looks like it was taken in another decade.

Back in the days of full-time work in the office, it was easy enough to gather everyone in the company for a professional photoshoot to get team photos for the website. All employees needed was a reminder to look the part and a good hair day. Although onsite photography for your website’s team page may not be feasible for geographically dispersed teams, there are creative ways to achieve unified and professional-looking headshots across towns and time zones.

great website team photos example 1

Quick quiz: Were the photos above taken remotely or onsite?

A: Although they may look like they were taken by a professional photographer onsite, the headshots above are actually team members’ own pictures photoshopped onto a background. Most of the team works remotely, so they had to go the DIY route. We’re showing you this example so you can see how it can be done. Here’s another example of a dispersed team that looks unified.

great website team photos example 2

With a little planning and direction about specific details, you can create website team photos that look unified, professional, and on-brand. Let’s take a look at the specific details that helped these two examples to work well.

Here are some practical tips for that professional look on website team photos

Option 1: Go pro

Hire a professional corporate photographer to take each team member’s photo at a convenient location. Perhaps you can tie the photoshoot in with a special onsite event that brings the whole team (or most of them) together.

It’s a good idea to choose a photographer that specializes in corporate photography. While family and lifestyle photographers may excel in their respective genres, they might not have the specific skills and expertise required for professional corporate portraits.

To find the right photographer for your business website headshots, consider the following tips:

  • Review the photographer’s portfolio, paying attention to his or her experience in corporate photography. Look for crisp, well-lit, and professional headshots that reflect the style and tone you desire for your website. Do people in portfolio shots look relaxed, confident, professional, and inviting? The right photographer can make even the most camera-shy individual look great.
  • Inquire about the photographer’s familiarity with corporate branding and aesthetics, as he or she should be able to capture images that align with your company’s image and target audience.
  • Look for a photographer who can understand and interpret your requirements.
  • Check for testimonials or client reviews to gauge the photographer’s professionalism, reliability, and ability to meet deadlines.

Option 2: Try the DIY route

If it’s impossible to organize professional photography, each team member can have someone close to them take several photos with a phone camera. These photos are then sent to a professional designer who can touch them up, resize them, and put them all onto the same background.

Tips for unified headshots

  • Choose a consistent background that suits your brand’s aesthetics. It can be a neutral-colored wall, an outdoor location, or even a stock photo.
  • Have everyone dress similarly or follow a dress code that aligns with your brand’s image. Note that darker colors stand out best on a light background and vice versa, so you’ll want to pick the background first.
  • Instruct team members to maintain a consistent expression or pose in their headshots. Whether it’s a friendly smile or a confident gaze, a cohesive expression enhances the overall unity and approachability of the team.
  • Natural light is key to capturing high-quality photos. Take the photos during the daytime with ample natural light coming in through a window. Ensure that the person taking the photo is positioned with his or her back facing the window, preventing unwanted shadows on your face.
  • Instruct the photographer to use a phone camera, preferably in portrait mode if available. Hold the phone horizontally (landscape orientation) and position it slightly above eye level.
  • While being photographed, angle your body about 45 degrees and maintain direct eye contact with the camera. This creates a flattering and professional look.
  • Ask the photographer to capture multiple shots from various distances, closer and further away, so that the editor has options to work with when putting all of the photos together.

Once all the team members have taken their headshots, you can send them to a graphic designer to edit and unify them for a consistent appearance.

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Option 3: Go all-in on a variety of styles, but find subtle ways to unify the look and feel

On our team page, we’ve intentionally decided to let each individual choose her photo style and background. This decision fits with the nature of our business. However, in all of the photos, the subject is looking directly at the camera and smiling. No extra participants appear, and everyone is shown in natural light. An on-brand blue square behind each photo serves as a subtle touch to unify the look as the user scrolls down the page.

Showcase the face of your business with website team photos that work together

No matter where your team may be located, displaying their images on your website showcases the human side of your company and instills a sense of credibility and professionalism, strengthening your brand’s image. Although representing a geographically dispersed team through photos on your website presents unique challenges, following these tips and tricks should help you create a team page that demonstrates a unified team.

We have years of experience helping businesses manage their online presence, so if you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Brighter Messaging team.

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