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For Book Authors

Coaching & Marketing

Our author coaching engagements support your writing goals through thought partnership, accountability, and editorial feedback. In most cases, we meet twice monthly to work on your objectives and progress, as well as to address challenges and questions. Interim check-ins (via email) help authors overcome roadblocks and maintain forward progress.

Author coaching is an ideal format for harnessing the power of the creative process to develop a manuscript while staying on track for completion.

While authors can engage a coach at any point in the book development process, working with a coach right from the start can help you to avoid extensive rework. We can work with you on:

Author coaching package includes:

Two calls per month (1 hour per call) for an in-depth discussion of work

Up to 2 hours each month of additional draft reviews and email exchanges between calls

Book Marketing

Our book marketing services are similar to those we provide to small businesses but adapted to suit the desired scale of your book launch. The deliverable is a concrete plan for the author to execute and includes:

  • Target readership
  • Topic ideas for marketing collateral and lead magnets
  • Book launch timeline
  • Recommended online properties (e.g. website, social media, etc.)
  • Best practices for marketing basics, including SEO, list building, and communication
  • Success metrics and a plan for monitoring progress
  • Our team can also provide support throughout your book launch and beyond